6 Steps To Planning Your Work Christmas Party

6 Steps To Planning Your Work Christmas Party

The end of year Christmas party period is slowly creeping up on us all, and we’re all wondering, “where did the year go?”. This period usually involves last minute gift decision making, annual corporate Christmas parties, and Summer holidays. For many businesses, things may be winding down, which is the perfect time to start planning your Christmas activity, i.e. book the venue for your Christmas function, send out invitations and finalize the menu with your caterer!

1. Book your venue early or have a party at the office!

If you’re like us, you’ll probably have the work Christmas party at your premises. We like to create a nice environment for all our guests to enjoy. However, if you don’t have the space and don’t want your office to get messy – there are so many alternatives! You can book one of the beautiful venues close by or in the CBD, or even head over to the local park for a BBQ (just make sure it’s not raining or too windy on the day).

2. Send invitations

Invitations are most important because you need to invite everyone at the office and possibly even some of your suppliers and customers. Perhaps send out a Google Calendar Invite, this way they can RSVP immediately and it’ll be added to their own calendar. Closer to the date of the Christmas party, have posters and reminders around the office so people don’t forget!

3. Set the festive scene

Don’t just have any old plain decorations. Take the chance to really get into the festive spirit at the work Christmas party. Consider having dress themes, photo booths, and decorations on the table. Make this party feel unique and separate from work life. ITS THE FUN TIME OF THE YEAR!!

4. Order the FOOD!!!

Reward everyone for their hard work throughout the year and ensure each guest is well catered for. Get them started with a Let's Party gift hamper which is filled with beer, wine and party nibbles. Take note of how many will attend including guests of staff. Design the perfect cheeseboard, have copious amounts of beer and wine for the guest (just make sure it doesn’t get out of hand). You can also have a nice set of cocktail or mocktail options for guests. You can additionally ask guests to bring ‘potluck’! This is a great way for multicultural workplaces to share food from their own culture and truly bring people together with food.

5. Organise some fun and games

Have some fun games throughout the event.

  • Funny Employee Awards – crack some jokes and recognise people in the office for their hard work and the joy they bring to everyone!
  • Random Gift Exchange – Ask everyone to purchase a gift with a $10 budget. Ask everyone to put their gifts in a gift area and choose at random!

6. Gift your staff

End the night on a high with a gift to all your guests. You can place a bulk order to receive bulk discounts for hampers with us to ship direct to your work address and include corporate branding and personalised gift cards. For gift ideas, check out our full range of Christmas hampers.

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