Top 5 Items Every Good Hamper Should Have

Top 5 Items Every Good Hamper Should Have

Whether you are considering sending a hamper as a gift or ordering one for yourself for a special family occasion or outing, it is important to check out some of the standard items included in each hamper choice. You want to ensure that all of the food or beverage items can be used and will not end up languishing in the back of the pantry until well past their use by date. Experienced gift hamper companies know that these five items are the ones that are going to be used and appreciated by the recipient, so when sourcing a gift hamper, be sure to look out for the following things:

  1. Reusable container/vehicle or picnic basket

This is really important because a reputable gift hamper company will package the items in an appropriate wicker basket or container/vehicle that can be reused. Some of the bags might also have insulating properties in order to keep food and drink cool or hot depending on the preference of the user.

  1. Crockery or cutlery

Getting a gift hamper full of consumables is a really great gift, but for the company who wants to go the extra mile for their customers, a picnic bag with knives and forks, or a set of mugs or plastic glasses for drinking tea and cold beverages are must-have items. Some gift hampers also come with reusable plates or a picnic rug so that once received, you are ready to go out and enjoy yourself with everything you need in the one container/vehicle.

  1. Drinks

This does depend on individual taste, but having the choice to order either beer or wine, along with a choice of spirits is always a bonus. Non-alcoholic drinks should also be available, including a selection of branded teas and coffees. Gift hampers are about treating yourself or a friend or family member, so they need to include some items that you normally would not buy during your weekly shop. This usually means a specialty tea or coffee item, as well as a choice bottle of whatever your preferred tipple is at the present time.

  1. Pantry sauces and staples

All gift hampers should have some staple items that you can use. This means a selection of jams, for example, or pickles and sauces such as mustard so that you don’t need to keep remembering to pack these if you are going to be eating al fresco and taking the gift hamper with you. Recognised quality brands and household names are a must, as these are the brands that people are familiar with and will use throughout the year.

  1. Luxury treats

A gift hamper wouldn’t be a gift hamper if it didn’t contain a few luxury items, and there should be a range of products to choose from depending on the type of gift hamper you are ordering. Top of the range chocolate bars, or specialty biscuits are a firm favourite, and remember that as gift hampers are often ordered to mark a special occasion, some form of celebratory cake is also very welcome. Luxury treats, although something that’s expected in all gift hampers, often change depending on the season. For example, small fruitcakes during Christmas time are usually standard.

Looking to order a gift hamper for someone? Keep this list in mind while you shop and view our extensive range of gift hampers.

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