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5 Things Learnt Through Teamwork | Interhampers

5 Things Learnt Through Teamwork | Interhampers

At Interhampers, Australia’s largest gift hamper manufacturer, we work with a culturally diverse group of individuals and staff members. Through the rush and urgency of the Christmas period, our many team meetings and coffee chats, our open workspace enables us to truly work together collaboratively and effectively.

1. Play to each team member’s strengths

Similar to any sports team, you want to ensure you hire and place people in roles that permit them to shine. You also want to ensure they are a ‘team player’ who promotes teamwork rather than individualism. This way, they’ll have the company’s and colleague’s best interests at heart rather than their own personal gain. As a company with a large supply chain, there are many different key roles to play, from handling suppliers, to importing, to gift manufacturing, to shipping and holding meetings with key stakeholders. By understanding and allowing each team member to play to their strengths brings us to the second point.

2. Increase efficiency

When you hire capable team members, their contribution will not go unnoticed. Bring someone on your team who can teach you something you didn’t know before. The area they specialise in will boost business sales and ensure they contribute meaningfully. Furthermore, this person can bring a fresh perspective to projects, products, design, and processes your company has. They can more easily identify inefficiencies rather than developing ‘tunnel vision.’ 

3. Show courtesy and respect, but also have fun

If you want to establish high team morale, you need to develop engaging practices, social events and award praise to team members for the hard work they do. This creates a feeling of gratitude so team members feel like a valuable member of the team and their work does not go unnoticed. However, if you need to point out shortcomings or where expectations have not been met, these should also be addressed to prevent further mishaps. To earn respect, you must respect others yourself, admit your faults and compromise where possible.  

4. Look out for each other

Foster an environment of friendship, ensure you’re constantly looking out for each other and have each other’s backs. By getting to know another team member’s family, what’s happening in their lives allows you to support them and make work more enjoyable overall. You can share in your common interests, provide a listening ear and be excited for different milestones! If you’re in a company 5, 10, 20 years, nothing is worse than feeling unsupported and alone.

5. Be open to different opinions

Having a culturally and gender diverse group of individuals at Interhampers makes ideas and conversations very interesting. We have so many people with different backgrounds, but at the end of the day, our interests in sports, travel, family and passion for gift giving and make our customers happy brings us together. These different perspectives allow us to be more objective, analytical and creative when creating our new range of gift hampers. 

That’s a little insight into what makes teamwork at Interhampers – work. We utilise our strengths to strive for efficient processes, show respect but also have fun, look out for each other and we are ultimately open minded to opinions which differ from our own.

What qualities do you share in your team?

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