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Safe COVID-19 Practises

Safe COVID-19 Practises

As the entire country adjusts and re-adjusts itself to this ever changing COVID-19 Pandemic situation, businesses are constantly re-evaluating many aspects of their operations. Financial implications are obviously a high priority, however the health and safety of staff members has become paramount. 

In a manufacturing facility such as ours, where we are about to commence production of around one million hampers in time for Christmas, we have re-configured our entire facility and refined our practises in order to prevent COVID-19 from entering our premises. That way each of our 150 gift hamper creators and team members are safe. 

Some of the changes that we have implemented include: 

Temperature checking all staff members as they enter the facilityzero tolerance to any cold of flu symptoms 

Sanitiser stations in position all around the production hall 

Masks to be worn BY ALL STAFF MEMBERS 

Staggered start and finish times to ensure social distancingstaggered break times to ensure social distancing 
Hamper Creation Stations
  • Coated with a gloss finish that permits more effective anti-bacterial sanitisation conducted prior to, during and after each production shift,
  • Hamper Creation Stations positioned so that hamper creators work within minimum social distancing requirements
  • Masks worn by ALL Hamper creators 
  • Sanitiser on each Hamper Creation Station 
No visitors permitted inside our production hall 

As has been said frequently, 'We are all in this together' and WE must all do our bit to ensure COVID-19 is minimised so that life can continue on as normal as possible until a vaccine is developed. In the meantime, I would like to sincerely thank all of our wonderful team members, suppliers and customers for the ongoing support and words of encouragement received. I can assure everyone that we will be doing our best to help get through this difficult time so that we can all enjoy and celebrate Christmas 2020 in the best possible way! 

Harry Fourniotis - Managing Director Interhampers Australia