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Creating an Internal and External Gift List | Interhampers

Creating an Internal and External Gift List | Interhampers

Creating a gift list is one of the most important factors when giving gifts in bulk. It is necessary to provide accurate names, addresses and holiday messages. We have found at times, customers have sent the hampers to the wrong address or the recipient has not picked up the hamper at all. To avoid headaches and missed deliveries, it’s important to verify an address they will be present at to receive their gift.

Internal List for Gift Hampers

It is probably easiest to receive a gift order in bulk and gift directly to staff. The first option is to give everyone the same gift, it will be easier to budget, and companies will be able to save on bulk purchases. The second option is to provide multi-tiered gifts, where gifts will be personalised and reward staff who have provided exceptional service to the company. Gifting employees will help to retain your best employees and increase their morale for the next business quarter.

External list for Gift Hampers

Client lists will take more effort to compile given the many clients businesses have relationships with. It is also important to speak with the CEO or account manager to understand each client’s likes and dislikes and personalise the gift to the client. Larger accounts mean purchasing a higher value gift will show your appreciation for their assistance over the year. Client loyalty is the key to success. Don’t forget to check with your clients HR to find out about company policies for receiving gifts.

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