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5 Ways To Thank People In Your Network | Interhampers

5 Ways To Thank People In Your Network | Interhampers

Christmas is coming, and it’s the dreaded season when we’re stumped for gifts to give our valuable clients and staff. We want to help you stand out this year when it comes to gift planning, buying and giving. Christmas is a time to express your gratitude and thank people in your network for their contribution to your organisation this past year. Below are some unique ideas to help you in the lead up to Christmas.

1. Carry a notepad to your meetings 

Whenever you’re having a meeting, try to have a deeper conversation to find out their interests, hobbies, or what they’ve been doing over the weekend. These can usually occur at the start or end of the meeting and act as a brief catch up. Take note of the small things they mention and note it down in a notebook so come Christmas, you can buy something that’s useful for them.

 2. Help them achieve their goals in the New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, find out what they want to achieve in the New Year and gift them something in relation to it. Some examples below:

  • Becoming healthier – buy them a blender to make smoothies and juices. 
  • Starting a business venture – buy them tickets to a conference where they can gain knowledge of the industry they want to start in
  • Reduce stress – buy a gift voucher for Flight Centre or Webjet to allow them to travel somewhere or perhaps gift them a tea break hamper

3. Offer a Gift Their Whole Family Can Enjoy

Most people we work with are likely to have kids, see if they’ve been wanting to get their kids some extra toys and buy that for them!

  • Games
  • Food vouchers
  • Tutoring voucher
  • Educational voucher

4. Write a Heartfelt Letter

Writing letters are so last century, but let’s bring back the old tradition! This is probably one of the most meaningful gifts, especially if you can raise conversations which had motivated or inspired you to achieve something this year. This is a feel-good move, inexpensive, and straight from the heart too.

5. Purchase a Gift Hamper

Simple bottles of wines and spirits sometimes aren’t enough. Why not purchase a gift hamper with a few bottles and munchies to show your appreciation for a year of contribution to your company. It’s a simple gift, and with such a large range to choose from, simply find a hamper that suits their taste – whether it’s wine, beer or spirits – we’re sure there’s something for everyone.